Online program "21 Days to change"

The most comprehensive guide to your independent body cleansing and healing process.

Do you have chronic health problems and want to get rid of them? Do you feel tired, burnt out? Are you overweight? Do you have heartburn? Digestive problems? Or do you just need to restart your body to function well?

You will appreciate our online program if you want a complete healing guide without having to look elsewhere.

We created an online project „21 days to change“, based on our experience with detox, raw vegan food, and the ability to recover from any illness.


You will receive from us a detailed description of each day from „21 Days to Change“

  • a detailed breakdown of each day so that you know how to prepare yourself, how to start and how to continue during the day
  • recommendations on what foods to prepare, what juice and raw food equipment will be needed
  • discounts on juicers, mixers and fruit dryers
  • exercise and relaxation instructions
  • mind and thinking settings to help you handle the whole detox without any problems
  • videos to guide you through simple yoga exercises
  • meditation videos for beginners
  • recipes for morning shots
  • juice recipes during detox time
  • raw food recipes
  • tips and tricks
  • affirmations
  • links to documents where people have undergone detox not only abroad, but also here in the Czech Republic, whether like you at a distance or with us during their stay in Bali
  • links to interesting studies and articles
  • motivation for each new day
  • here you will find a downloadable diary for your observations and feelings during the detox
  • you will see online what progress you have made after the end of the day

You will receive a complete guide on how to change your life. In 21 days we will show you how it is possible to get rid of every disease, restart a weakened organism. We will teach you how to get your energy back so that you are not still tired or burnt out. We will not do it for you, but we will show you the way you can do it yourself. We will give you instructions on how to do it. We will be your guides day after day, we will show you everything you need to successfully manage „21 days to change“. Every day we will show you how to do it. You will receive a detailed description of the whole day from us.



​Recipes, hints, and tips for preparing fresh fruit and vegetable juices every day.


Here you will find advice and tips on how to get your body to work properly. Video tutorial and what it will bring you.


Here you will find instructions on what meditation is, how to meditate, basic meditation, but also advanced meditation.


Daily affirmations, notebook for observations and notes, advice, and tips on how to set up properly during detox.


Links to documents, our documents, interesting videos that will help you find answers.


Recipes for a RAW vegan food for the last week of detox, for every day.


If you really honestly follow day after day, for the whole 21 days, it is impossible not to make any changes for the better in your physical or mental health. Our „21 days to change“ program is suitable for everyone. It was managed by children, adults, pregnant women, and also people of retirement age. They all described great relief, energy improvement, lightness, joy, improvement, or complete cure of problems.


You can get the online program "21 days to change" now for only

EUR 190,- 

Money back guarantee

If you do not have any improvement in your physical or mental condition within 21 days, we will refund your course money. 

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