Michal and Julka Sharks

We have found that every disease is curable

Our own health problems and experience with their cure have led us to raw vegan detox and health care through raw vegan food, exercise, and meditation.

We have found that every disease is only about the approach of a particular person. As soon as the disease came to you, thanks to your approach to life and body, it can also go away.

And how do we show the last few years, in the form of an online detox „21 days to change“, we support those interested the detox in the FB group, create new e-books, share our recipes and experiences and promote a healthy lifestyle.

In short, we do everything we can to get as many people back to their health and take their lives into their own hands…

Michal is originally from the Czech Republic and Julka from Slovakia, we both fell in love with the Indonesian island of Bali. This island of the gods enchanted us so much that we stayed here.

Nevertheless, we are still in contact with the Czech and Slovak Republics. We do online detox „21 days to change“, where hundreds of people regularly participate and simultaneously perform detox for everyone in their homes. 14 days of fresh juice and a week of raw vegan food. With „21 days to change“, many people have been cured or improved their health problems. You can also find their references HERE.

We also have our own brand of the great slow juicer BRAWO Life B-365 and blender BRAWO Life BL-801, which will surprise you with its performance and the quality of fresh juice and smoothies.


Life has led us on a journey of health, love, and contentment. We are now passing on our way of life to reach as many people as possible.

Michal Shark

I went through an illness whereby a 1.5 cm long slipped disc was pressing on my spinal cord, and paralyzed me for almost 6 months. I couldn’t walk, only lie down. The doctors told me that if I don’t go for an operation, I’ll become 90% paralyzed. I didn’t go for the operation, and healed myself. Today, not only am I not paralyzed, but I’m running, exercising, swimming, playing football, surfing, and most importantly living!

I haven’t eaten meat since January 2014, 4 years of which I’ve been on the RAW diet, and now I’m on the Raw and Vegan pure plant diet. Thanks to that, I’m disease-free and full of strength and health.

I focus on a healthy plant based diet, meditation, energy healing, reiki, past life hypnosis, spiritual support, and self-development. But I also love sports, running, surfing, and yoga.

Julka Shark

I got rid of keratosis, cornification of the skin, by completely changing my diet. At first I cut out dairy products, and the keratosis healed 70%. (I am not lactose intolerant). Then I also cut out meat, and switched to a pure vegan diet. After two 21 days on juices I heal myself from keratosis completely! I began to take an interest in nutrition as such, how it can help us recover from illness and at the same time live in harmony with nature, without harming other creatures on our beautiful planet. Since March 2015, I’ve been on a vegan diet, and to a large part also on the RAW diet. I really enjoy preparing raw and vegan meals. I am also yoga teacher.

I believe, that plant based food, physical activity and meditation can heal every illness.

You can find my video recipes or the Juicing Academy on youtube BRAWO Life, where you can learn all about juices and juicing from lessons.

I focus on:

  • preparation of juices
  • learning raw and vegan meals
  • workshop
  • natural cosmetics
  • yoga
  • women’s issues

I’ve been vegan since March 2015 –  my story.

You can find more about me and my recipes here: