What we offer

We will show you how you can heal yourself with your own power.




We present you with one of the best slow juicers on the market. Plus for an unbeatable price.



Professional home blender, suitable for restaurants and fresh bars as well.


The most comprehensive online guide for your independent cleaning and healing process.


Electronic books with recipes, video recipes, advice, detox instructions, juices, and raw vegan and vegan food.


Slow Juicer BRAWO L ife B-365

What is „21 days to change“ and how to get involved

For several years we have been working on a healthy diet and detox on fresh juices. We not only have our own experience, but over the years we have also had hundreds of experiences of people who have gone through the 21 Days to Change program. We have created a tool where within 21 days people get rid of chronic health problems that have plagued them for decades, regaining lost energy and zest for life.
It is not a miracle, it is a natural thing, because in 21 days we get a great supply of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The body will start to cleanse itself, thanks to this support, and our natural immunity will be strengthened immediately.

The 21 Days to Change program consists of 14 days of drinking only freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices along with plenty of water. This is then followed by a week on a live Raw diet.

We hold regular detoxes 4 times a year online, where anyone who wants to can join in. Of course, it is also possible to join the detox outside the official dates.


There are thousands of people in our Facebook group who help each other and give each other advice and tips. In addition, we also help here with our experiences.

We now have  BRAWO Life group 21 days to change on Telegram (link here)


For those who need detailed instructions and want to be prepared, we have prepared our e-booky. Here you will find how to do it, hints, tips, our experience, recipes, but also what will help to multiply the effectiveness of the detox. It’s not just about juices, as it might seem.


You will appreciate our online program if you want a complete guide to healing, regaining energy without having to look elsewhere for information.

  • a detailed schedule for each day so you know how to prepare, how to start and how to continue during the day
  • discounts on juicers, blenders, dryers
  • guidelines for exercise and relaxation
  • adjusting your head and mindset to help you get through the whole detox without any problems
  • videos that guide you through simple yoga exercises
  • meditation videos for beginners
  • recipes for morning shotsrecepty na šťávy po čas detoxu
  • recipes for raw food
  • hints and tips
  • affirmations
  • links to documentaries where people have gone through detox not only abroad but also here in the Czech Republic, either as long-distance ones or during stays in Bali
  • links to interesting studies and articles
  • motivation for each new day
  • find here a downloadable diary for your observations and feelings during the detox
  • see online how much progress you’ve made at the end of the day