Slow Juicer BRAWO Life B-365 (Red)


We present one of the best slow juicers on the market, at an unbeatable price. Advantages of the BRAWO Life B-365 juicer:

  • Great juice quality
  • Quiet engine operation
  • Large entrance opening
  • Very dry pulp
  • New auger technology
  • Easy maintenance after use
  • Ice cream strainer included
  • Extra strainer for vegetable milk and smoothie
  • FREE e-book 21 Days to change in the value of 19.27 EUR
  • 50% discount on our online program 21 days to change in the amount of 192 Eur
  • Handy handle for easy handling of the device
  • You can handle carrots, beets, herbs and soft fruits without any problems
  • You can see how it works in the video HERE.




For several years we have been engaged in a healthy plant-based diet, juicing fruits and vegetables.  We organize detoxes online, in the program 21 days to change.

Many have repeatedly asked us what juicer we would recommend to them. We have tried many more expensive, but also cheaper juicers. In the end, we decided that the best way would be to find someone who could make a juicer that would meet the best parameters that suit us. For frequent juicing with high-quality juice and, moreover, at a reasonable price. And in the end, we succeeded.

We are very happy that our BRAWO Life B-365 screw juicer can now offer to the general public and enjoy spreading a healthy lifestyle in this way as well.

Thanks to the new technology of the gear, it is able to preserve the maximum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in each juice. It can handle both soft fruits such as apples, pears, apricots, peaches, as well as hard vegetables such as carrots or beets. It can also juice herbs and thus becomes one of the best juicers on the market. All this in high quality.

Další informace

Hmotnost 7,2 kg
Rozměry 25 × 16 × 47 cm


Typ odšťavňovače

Šnekový vertikální

Vstupní otvor


Počet otáček

65 ot/min